The Media CSR Forum is a partnership between 25 leading companies, spanning the full range of the media spectrum, from scientific publishers to advertisers, from single-country companies to global conglomerates.

Established in 2001, the Forum exists in recognition that sustainability for media companies has many unique features that sets it apart from traditional industry and other business sectors. The Forum provides a platform for participating companies to:

  • share and promote best practice around social and environmental performance;
  • develop an understanding of the implications of sustainability for media organisations;
  • identify areas for prioritisation through research and discussion;
  • engage with stakeholders from the third sector, academia, policy and other businesses; and
  • run collaborative projects and events on key issues.

We meet with stakeholders on a quarterly basis, produce research and host regular public events. The Media CSR Forum is a multi-client partnership run and chaired by Carnstone Partners LLP since 2003.