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The "Media corporate social responsibility (CSR) forum" is a group of big media companies developing CSR and sustainability practices and understanding for the media sector.

The Forum was established in 2001 following recognition that the practice of CSR and sustainability for media companies has many unique features that sets it apart from traditional industry and other business sectors. Our work includes:

  • developing an understanding of the implications of CSR for media members
  • identifying areas for prioritisation
  • sharing best practices
  • engaging with stakeholders
  • running collaborative projects on key issues

We meet with stakeholders on a quarterly basis, produce research and host regular public events. To get an overview of some of the issues facing the sector, please have a look at our survey, The Media CSR Forum: Key Issues For The Media Industry.

We published two reports in June 2013: one on the material ESG issues for the media sector called Does it matter?; and one on the social impact of media content called Mirrors or Movers: Framing the debate about the impact of media content.

Further information on Mirrors or Movers can be found at