In June 2014 we organised the Mirrors or Movers II conference which was kindly hosted by the BBC. The event covered three important topics over which the media has a significant influence: women and media; environment and media; and privacy and media.

Further information including videos on each topic and a summary report can be found at

We published two reports in June 2013: one on the material ESG issues for the media sector called Does it matter?; and one on the social impact of media content called Mirrors or Movers: Framing the debate about the impact of media content.

The Forum meets quarterly and most meetings include an invitation to a relevant stakeholder unless an internal workshop is being held. Since 2005, we have met with the following organisations and experts. The following list also includes some ad hoc events held by the Forum.

In 2008, we conducted a stakeholder survey to validate the focus areas for the group. The report looked to identify the main corporate social responsibility issues the forum, and media industry in general, face. Download Mapping the Landscape: CSR Issues for the Media Industry 2008.

In 2003 a stakeholder survey was commissioned in order to identify which issues were key.

The Media CSR forum: key issues for the media industry